About Me

This is what I do.


This is Samyak Jain, a third-year undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering.
I'm a newbie in the field of open-source but as they say, you are never late for anything, until you start to do it. I am loving the beauty of open-source immensely, as I dig deeper. There is so much to explore and learn. Also, I started Debian Packaging three months back and is a part of #debian-ruby team right now, Debian has provided me with lots of knowledge and skill, and must to mention that I haven't explored ten percent of it solely.

Hope, to become Debian Maintainer :P someday!!

Besides the technological domains, I love exploring things which makes me stand different from others (most of the time, it frustrates me and ends :P). At last, I would like to say, there is very much to explore and we have to just take a step in. I'm trying to learn that and recommending to. Please feel free to contact for any queries, at Samyak Jain.

With the hope to get inspired!!

Signing off,
Samyak Jain